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Questions to Ask Your Doctor or Nurse | DARZALEX® IV (daratumumab)

Questions to ask your doctor or nurse about treatment with DARZALEX®

  • How does DARZALEX® work differently from other treatments?
  • How is DARZALEX® given?
  • What are the goals of treatment with DARZALEX®?
  • What do I need to know about my treatment schedule?
  • What can or should I bring with me to treatment?
  • Will I need someone to accompany me to and from my infusion location?
  • Are there programs that can help make my medication more affordable?
  • How can I tell if DARZALEX® is working?
  • How will you monitor my results?
  • What side effects could I expect from treatment with DARZALEX®?
  • How can my other medications and supplements affect my treatment?

Making the most of doctor’s appointments

DARZALEX® patient, on bringing a friend to doctor’s appointments

“Amazingly enough, all of us heard something different. So, to put it all together gave us a more accurate feeling of what was going on.”

It’s important to go to every follow-up appointment. These visits are needed to see if the multiple myeloma has come back, to see if more treatment is needed, and to check for any side effects. This is the time to talk to your healthcare team about any changes you notice and concerns you have. Don’t hesitate to tell your healthcare team about any symptoms or side effects.

Here are 2 tips that can help prepare you:

  • Keep a journal to record how you feel. Write down your treatment dates and how the multiple myeloma and treatment are affecting you. Of course, don’t forget to bring it with you
  • Write down your questions ahead of time so you won’t forget. Make the questions specific and brief. Be sure to take notes so you can remember the answers