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Caring for the Caregiver | DARZALEX® IV (daratumumab)

Caring for the caregiver

on being a “caregiver”

“I decided that I would become Deb's cancer caddie.”

Being a caregiver can be challenging. It’s normal for you to feel nervous or overwhelmed about what is expected of you. And your role changes as your loved one’s needs change. By supporting a friend or family member receiving DARZALEX®, you can have a positive impact and influence on him or her.

Your loved one may have questions about different aspects of treatment. Your support and knowledge can help him or her during this time.

By providing encouragement and support, you can help your loved one stick with his or her treatment plan and take other steps to get well, such as eating right or dealing with certain emotions. There’s no way to anticipate everything you’ll need to know as a caregiver, but by becoming familiar with the disease and treatment, you can offer support to help your loved one make informed decisions.

But how do you take care of you?

DARZALEX® patient, on the difference his caregiver makes

“She provided me with hope, the family, the support. I mean, I just—it would have been a much more difficult journey without her.”