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Debby | Patient

Living with multiple myeloma since 2009

Patient Debby Living with Multiple Myeloma Story

For Debby, it has been a long journey living with multiple myeloma, and one that involved numerous treatments, several setbacks, and the eventual reality that she was a patient who was resistant to many types of treatment. After several lines of therapy, she has navigated the course of her multiple myeloma with the help of her “cancer caddie” husband, for whose support she will always be grateful. 

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Harry | Caregiver

Caregiver since 2009

Caregiver Harry Caring for Someone with Multiple Myeloma Story

For Harry, being a caregiver is a lot like being a well-educated caddie who needs to know as much about the course of Debby’s multiple myeloma as possible. He’s been with Debby every step of the way, staying informed, so when she started on DARZALEX®, he was able to better understand how it could impact her. He hopes caregivers are able to relate to his story so they can assist their loved ones in navigating their multiple myeloma course.

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